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RAISE YOUR HAND if you have the cutest roommates :)

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 Pierre-Auguste Renoir in 1919 (last year of his life).

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"Don’t tell me about the world. Not today. It’s springtime and they’re knocking baseball around fields where the grass is damp and green in the morning and the kids are trying to hit the curve ball."

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Anonymous Asked: Can you tell me what is Cultural Anthropology and what you think about it and why you took it to study? :o I'm 19 and looking for inspiration in my education to put it short and found this to be interesting.~ Tabby

Hey Tabby! Ugh I loooveee these kind of questions.

When I was an 17-year-old high school graduate I knew I was very curious to the world around me. I found myself having an increasing interest in how humans were shaping the world I live in. I had considered several other options such as psychology, pedagogics, art school, biology, political science and sociology. I eventually decided on a bachelors’ degree in social anthropology.

What initially attracted me was how (social) antropology combined the phylosophical with the practical. It looks critically at people, what they do and how they do it. There is space for discussion and big, elliptical thoughts, but also for practical solutions and small, direct questions. It is also oriented not just on one part of the world, but takes into account all societies one could possibly think of. 

I am now a fourth year student and still very happy with my choice. What I appreciate now is the fact that I learned not just a whole bunch of facts or numbers, but primarily ‘mind tools’ to look critically at everything I see around me. Including myself. I feel like I’m participating in the society I am part of and can contribute to said society.

There is a catch though. Anthropology is not a study which grants you immidiate access to a set of jobs. You require skills and knowledge that are handy in many fields, so it is especially important that you look into specializing yourself a little bit. View it as shaping your ‘personal profile’. If you decide to study anthropology, keep an open mind. Look for jobs and internships that can aid your experience in the working field. A lot of people I know end up working for NGO’s and the government (f.e. ambassies, immigration programs). Often people go into journalism (for which anthropology is an EXCELLENT base) or academic research. 

I hope this helps and if you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to drop me another ask :)

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"I’m in love with everyone I’ve ever met in one way or another. I’m just a crazy, unhinged disaster of a human being"

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Iranian photographer Hossein Fatemi, offers a glimpse of an entirely different side to Iran than the image usually broadcasted by domestic and foreign media. In his photo series An Iranian Journey, many of the photographs reveal an Iran that most people never see, presenting an eye-opening look at the amazing diversity and contrasts that exist in the country.

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that’s how you make armor for women, no bullshit boob cups.

Just beautiful.


Boob cups must be the most uncomfortable things on earth… What the hell are you supposed to do when one of your boobs slips out? Let’s say you inhale or move your chest somehow so your breasts get free from the cup and end up clipped on the edge?? You can’t even pull them like you can when your bra gets all screwed up! Like who wants to wear that while they’re fighting monsters and shit?

I hit reblog so hard I may have sprained my finger

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15 famous landmarks zoomed out that tell a different story

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"everything jennifer lawrence does is just an act!"

here is jennifer lawrence in 1995


you know which girl i’m talking about 

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"Be silent in a group of people
See what they reveal to you."

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